E-commerce Package FAQ’s 

How do you make these sites so affordable?

We take a semi-custom approach. Rather than building completely from scratch we start from on of our templates and customize from there. This helps keep costs and turn times down, while giving you a site you’ll be proud of!

Do I get to approve my site design?

Yes! You’ll be a part of the design process, and will have one round edits to your site. Fees may incur if additional rounds of edits are required (though we don’t expect them to be). Fees will be determined based on the extent of edits and you will be notified before we start work.


What is the minimum commitment to take advantages of these prices?

We require a 12 month commitment on our monthly package. This is how we’re able to avoid setup fees for you. If a 12 month commitment doesn’t work for you, contact us and we’ll get you a FREE custom quote for a flat fee website.

What if I want to move my site?

No problem! If you want us to transfer ownership of your site to you we can do that. If you’re past the 12 month commitment, you’ll incur no fees from us to transfer ownership. If you’re still under contract, you will incur a fee of the remaining balance of your contract. Just keep in mind when we own your site, we’re paying all of your shopify fees. So costs from Shopify and any apps your site uses will be incurred.

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